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Out and About – SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium at MOA

On Thursday, March 19, SEA LIFE Aquarium opened its new $2.2 million sting ray exhibit “Meet the Rays.” It’s a bigger touch pool allowing many families to experience the sting rays up close all at once. So, we decided to check it out!

We hadn’t been to SEA LIFE for about a year, so it was a lot of fun to see our little guy checking it all out and to hear him talking about everything we saw. Last time we were there, he had just turned 6 mos old, so it was neat to watch him taking everything in. But to hear his excitement this time was so fun!

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St. Patrick’s Day Recap – And my take on the “Healthy Shamrock Shake”

So I know I’m a little slow getting my St Pat’s recap posted, but sometimes life gets busy, and I’m still trying to get into the whole full time job working, half-marathon training mommy blogger who also tries to fit in a yoga class or two a week thing. So here we go.

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