On Thursday, March 19, SEA LIFE Aquarium opened its new $2.2 million sting ray exhibit “Meet the Rays.” It’s a bigger touch pool allowing many families to experience the sting rays up close all at once. So, we decided to check it out!

We hadn’t been to SEA LIFE for about a year, so it was a lot of fun to see our little guy checking it all out and to hear him talking about everything we saw. Last time we were there, he had just turned 6 mos old, so it was neat to watch him taking everything in. But to hear his excitement this time was so fun!

  (Our little guy checking things out back in Feb. 2014)

He did NOT want to leave the new Ray pool. He was a little short to actually touch them, and he kind of wanted to grab them instead of gently “pet” them, but he LOVED it. Make sure you are supervising younger kiddos, so if they are prone to grab at things like our little man is, they don’t scare or potentially hurt any of the animals. Even the older kids got a little splashy. But all seemed to really enjoy it.


Once you pry your kids away from the rays, they’ll quickly forget the heartbreak of leaving their new friends when they see the jellyfish all lit up.

Cool, right?

And of course, the tunnels. Can’t forget to mention the tunnels. I mean- who doesn’t think it’s cool to have a shark swimming right above their head?!?

A good time was had by all, but especially by the little guy. We went Saturday afternoon, and all day Sunday he was talking about sharks and Nemo. If you have real little ones, a season pass may be a good choice – kids 3 and under are free, so you may get away with a dual membership for just under $80 pre-tax. Like most passes, after 2 visits it pays for itself. And next time I’m taking too long looking at shoes, my guys can go check out the fishies instead of both throwing a tantrum at DSW.