So I know I’m a little slow getting my St Pat’s recap posted, but sometimes life gets busy, and I’m still trying to get into the whole full time job working, half-marathon training mommy blogger who also tries to fit in a yoga class or two a week thing. So here we go.

It’s a tradition for my husband and me to take the day off work, grab some breakfast and a couple morning drinks and head to the parade in St. Paul. This year, we brought our 19 month old son with, so after a Bloody Mary with breakfast, we were pretty much done with the drinking for the day. But he loved the parade! Our friends run the Irish Gazette, so we actually walk in the parade with them, so our little man got to be a part of it all. (He even got his 2 seconds of fame on the local Fox News station😀)

After the parade, we got some lunch and headed home so the little guy could get a nap in. Then we headed to the Minneapolis parade. This was not our tradition before, but we decided it’s time to change things up, and I seriously love all holidays and parades, so 2 in one day? Best Day Ever!

Finally, we ate our corned beef and cabbage that had been making our house smell delicious all day long from the slow cooker.

And in true mom blogger fashion, I had to try out something that’s all over Pinterest. Of course, the healthy shamrock shake.  

In my honest opinion – people need to stop calling this thing a shamrock shake. Don’t get me wrong – it is tasty and I will make it or something similar again. But, when I think shamrock shake, I really do think milkshake- with actual ice cream. I will probably try to make a shamrock shake with organic ice cream, mint, and still add the spinach for color. I’m all for eating healthy, but what fun is life if we don’t break the rules once in a while and eat some freaking ice cream? When I want ice cream, like really really NEED ice cream, this wouldn’t cut it. But, most of the time, when I just want something a little sweet, this would do the trick.

It was also toddler approved. I feel it is important to mention this. If he points to the cup and says “some, some. more,” I feel I have succeeded.

I used the ingredients above. I used my mom’s method of cooking and baking, and didn’t measure anything. (My dad says she doesn’t know how to measure… ) I just added more until I got a good texture in the blender. So I don’t have a solid calorie count. But, it was half an avocado, 2 bananas, probably about a cup of spinach, a splash of almond milk, a handful of ice cubes, maybe 30 mint leaves and a few squirts of agave nectar.

So, all in all, it was a fun day spent with my two favorite guys. Just as any holiday should be. 🍀