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February 2015

First Trip Away

So I haven’t posted recently as I have been busy preparing to travel and then actually traveling. (I am writing to you from the most fantastic suite ever with a ocean view in Riviera Maya, Mexico) I was so nervous leaving my sweet little guy behind with my parents, my stomach was in knots for days leading up to our departure!

I will be posting on a much more regular basis once we return! Hopefully I will have figured out how best to cope the first time you leave your little one behind. In the mean time, leave me a comment with YOUR tips and thoughts on vacationing with out the kiddos!


Hooray! Another Mom Blog!

When trying to decide the direction to take my blog – food? Diet and exercise? Cat fancying? – every idea looped back around to being a mom. (As everything does once one of those bundles of chaos joy pops out) So follow me, if you dare, while I try to shed some light on the various things that peak my interest and how I attempt (keyword) to maintain some balance.

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