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Walk for Animals 2016

This year, Twin Cities Mamas has a team for the Walk for Animals! Please join us! Come out and meet some other Mamas (moms of humans and fur babies) and support a great cause! And check back to Twin Cities Mamas for more blog posts coming soon and our Walk for Animals page for updates about the event!

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5 Things I’m Giving ZERO F*cks About in 2016

Mom Guilt is a bitch. If you don’t agree, I envy you. Sometimes it weighs so heavy it’s almost debilitating. Everywhere you look online, there is a mom, doing an awesome job. She’s making every meal  from scratch. Every ingredient is organic and locally sourced. Her kids are always smiling and have been trilingual since birth. Or, you post a question about Paw Patrol on certain parenting sites, (I’m looking at you BabyCenter) and get bombarded by 47 moms about how you’re destroying your child by allowing screen time. Fuck it! Fuck it all! I’m doing a good job. So here are 5 things I am giving 0 fucks about this year.
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Happy New Year!

Now that we’re a week into 2016, if you’re anything like me, some of the newness has already worn off. The holidays were crazy and hectic, and now it’s back to real life.

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Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day

If you did not know, October 15 is International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. I’ve felt awful I haven’t been keeping up with blogging, but I felt that I needed to start again today.

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Family Fun at the MN State Fair!

So I was going to post this earlier… But life happens and we are in the middle of the never ending kitchen remodel…. So here we are, better late than never.

We’re just days away from what is probably the most anticipated event in our household… The Great Minnesota Get Together. So today, I’m offering a few more tips and breaking down some of my favorite parts of the fair. This is mostly for families with young kids, because well, that’s where we’re at right now.

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6 Things You NEED to do Before the Minnesota State Fair

“Only 3 more weeks till the fair!”  I hear this countdown throughout the year from my husband. As soon as spring comes around I hear something to the tune of, “Soon it will be summer, and near the end of summer, the fair will be here!”I don’t know about you, but I never really got into state fairs. I mean I never even attended the Wisconsin State Fair until my senior year of high school when I went with friends.

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Back at it…

So, it’s been a little bit since I last posted. After traveling for Easter, I was just busy. Then, I got into sort of a funk…

I started doubting myself as a writer, mother and all around human. If I can’t keep it together, how am I supposed to write about it?

If I can’t keep my house clean or always have homemade meals on the table, how am I supposed to write blog posts to inspire others to do the things I can’t?

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Getting Crafty – My Simple Easter Wreath

Do you ever get the urge around the holidays to get crafty? 

I do.

But I don’t have a lot of time, so it needs to be simple, or I will probably give up half way through.

I have seen these tulle wreaths all over – like This adorable turkey wreath that you can sure bet will be on my front door this November – and decided Easter is the time for my first try.

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Why I joined a “Moms Group”

When you’ve got a new baby on the way, there are so many choices you need to make, it really becomes overwhelming. No matter what advice anyone else offers, you still often feel lost. (If you don’t, or didn’t, you’re either a liar or Superwoman.) for me, signing up for a new moms class at Amma Parenting was easily one of the best things I did for myself- and in turn my little one as well.

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